Lydia’s Sets Pre-Paid Produce Program

If you love our produce and would like to provide even greater support our 2013 season while getting a discount on your purchases, sign up for our Pre-Paid Produce Program today! Once you sign on, you will pay less for your vegetables and never have to worry about being short of cash at market.

WHAT IS IT? The Pre-Paid Produce Program is simply a debit system, with a 10% bonus credit to thank you in advance for your continued support throughout the season.
HOW IT WORKS: You pay us a sum of your choice up front and from then on, you’re cash-free at market! Start your Pre-Paid Produce account at $400 or more to receive a 10% bonus. Add to your account in $50+ increments throughout the season and receive the same 10% bonus on all additional funds.
Example: You put $550 dollars toward a Pre-Paid Produce account. Because your account exceeds $400, we add a 10% bonus, giving you a total of $605 to spend at Lydias Fields’ farmers market stand throughout the season. You’ve gone vegetable-crazy and your account runs dry in mid-September, so you add $150. Having already exceeded $400, we give you a 10% bonus yet again, bringing your new balance to $165.
WHY PARTICIPATE? You can go to market cash-free, receive 10% more bang for your buck, and know you’re supporting a fledgling farm in its first full season without as exclusive a commitment as a CSA.
WHERE DOES YOUR MONEY GO? As farmers, we face a lot of expenses in the beginning of the season. By paying for your season’s produce now, you play a key role in supporting our start-up costs, such as soil amendments, seeds, tools, refrigeration space, greenhouse heating and labor. We work on a very small budget, so each dollar of your support takes us great lengths!
If you are interested, please phone the farm or email us at RSCHUBERT@LYDIASFIELDS.COM

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