Who We Are

Robert at the farm with early squash plants, May-June 2012

Robert Schubert, owner

Robert’s interest in growing fresh, healthy, affordable food began during a trip to the highlands of Guatemala to report on the growth of fair trade coffee, fruits and vegetables for his master’s degree in journalism from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Armed with his master’s degree, Robert came to work in Washington, DC for two non-profits that develop educational and informational programs to advocate on behalf of renewable energy, sustainable farming, clean water and safe food.  He also began volunteering at farms in Maryland and looking for his own piece of land, a search that culminated in his purchase of 10 acres from Chip and Susan Planck’s Wheatland Vegetable Farms.

Marsha at University of Maryland College Park market


Marsha Johnston, Arlington Courthouse Market manager & marketing manager

During the 15 years she spent in Paris, Marsha developed a strong affinity for outdoor markets, not to mention a serious commitment to delicious food. She also works as a freelance journalist/editor, covering a variety of topics in the area of sustainable development and conservation, including agriculture and wildlife protection.

Rochelle Bellin
Greenhouse work can get wet!

Rochelle Bellin, Field Manager

Rochelle began growing food on her Brooklyn rooftop. When her curiosity and ambition could no longer be potted into twenty 5-gallon buckets, she followed her newfound passion through the fertile grounds of Argentina, California and finally Virginia. She spent last season working with animals, vegetables, fruit and dairy just across the road, and is excited to grow in similar soils and climate, as well as to spread some roots of her own in such a beautiful community. Apart from working to support healthy food, soil and people, Rochelle’s soft heart delights in reading (often aloud), writing, storytelling, NPR, mayhem in the kitchen, listening/creating/dancing to music, sharpies, crafts, social sciences & neurology, figuring out how things work, good conversation, people/landscape/life watching, laughter and anything of abnormal scale, large or small.

Getting her hands dirty is clearly no problem for Emily!
Getting her hands dirty is clearly no problem for Emily!

Emily Starck, Assistant Field Manager

Emily hails from Chicago, where she first started growing food under her dad’s green thumb and guidance. While studying urban planning in Massachusetts, she developed a keen interest in agriculture that led her to work on several organic farms across the country, learning how to grow good food and good soil. After last season in Washington State, Emily is excited to learn the land in this beautiful Virginia valley. When not flourishing in the field, Emily enjoys observing waterfowl, reading stories out loud, practicing carpentry, writing haiku, and trying on hand-me-downs. Emily also is known for laughing with a cackle that can be heard far and wide!

Emil has been an indispensable member of the Arlington Market setup team.
Emil has been an indispensable member of our market setup team.

Emil Friberg, Arlington Courthouse Market Assistant
As an unofficial staffer, Emil provides loyal, smiling assistance in setting up our stand every Saturday, and has even filled in to sell when we were short-handed.