Our Produce

From the profusion and variety of our produce, you would never know that Lydia’s Fields only began cultivation in 2012. We began our first season in June with crisp spring onions, delicate lettuce, tender zucchini and two-tone Zephyr summer squash and our prized Hakurei turnips. This year, we are planning for even more delicious springtime vegetables, including green beans, peas and herbs.

When our customers at Arlington Courthouse Farmers Market last year discovered that we were growing vegetables on some of the same land as Wheatland Vegetable Farms, they began asking for specific tomatoes that they had come to know and love. Within the next several weeks, our own Tomato Avalanche began, and the multitude of colors, textures and flavors the soil at Lydia’s Farms produced every week was a joy to behold.

An heirloom and hybrid tomato tradition will continue to anchor our summertime market season, and will be increasingly accompanied by a variety of fruits. As summer turns into fall, those vegetables will be followed by peppers, a variety of kale and other brassicas, spinach and winter squash.

Lydia’s Fields farmer-in-chief Robert Schubert is a fruit aficionado, having been mentored in fruit farming early in his agricultural career, and he plans for the farm ultimately to produce several different kinds of fruit. Our first season was a hint of things to come, with the delicious small black figs that our single tree produced over approximately 6 weeks. Only early birds to market got those treats!

To see each of our vegetable varieties, click here. For our fruit, here.