Arlington Courthouse Farmers Market

One of the DC area’s largest and oldest farmers markets, the Arlington Courthouse Farmers Market was founded in 1980 through the Arlington Office of the Virginia Cooperative Extension in response to county residents’ requests for a local, weekly market. At that time, only Bethesda and DC hosted weekly markets. So it began with only a few local farmers, in the square around the old Courthouse, which gave the market its name.

Courthouse Market Crowd
During peak season, the Arlington Courthouse Market can attract upwards of 2000 shoppers.

In the ensuing 30 years, Arlington has sprouted high-rises all around the market location at North Courthouse and 14th Streets. The old Courthouse itself was demolished in 1997 in favor of yet another modern high-rise courthouse and jail across the street.

A Tomato Tasting
At Lydia’s Fields, we love expanding little ones’ taste horizons.
The result is an uber-urban, somewhat sterile concrete vista in which the weekly color and bounty of 30 farms in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania create a welcome note of charm and neighborliness.

For our part, as a new vendor in 2012, we have found the customers and fellow vendors at Courthouse market to be a fantastic cast of unique characters and terrific people who make the job of selling produce positively joyful.

Erika & Jagger Pepper
Our farm produced several spectacular examples of vegetable art, including this Rolling Stone icon red pepper. The rubber ducky Lemon Boy tomato lives on in memory as well!
During the April to October peak season, we are located in the alley nearest the movie theatre, in between Eco-Friendly Foods and Fields of Grace and across from Smith Meadows.
Bev as Turkey
Bev Eggleston, of Eco-Freindly, dresses up for Thanksgiving.

The laughs we share while providing Arlington with its best food value make it no surprise that Arlington Courthouse Farmers Market was voted Best of Washington in 2012 by Washingtonian Magazine.

Visit our vendor page at the market’s website here.